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Climate controlled piano storage Boston,MA,NH,ME,CT.
If your piano needs to be stored, either temporarily or for longer
periods, make sure the piano is first moved properly by a qualified
piano mover, and then stored properly by a professional piano
storage company.
Stored incorrectly, a piano and its components may warp,
damaging the hardwoods and other piano components. This is
most often due to changes in humidity and temperature where the
piano is stored. All modern piano manufacturer warranties strongly
suggest pianos be kept as far as possible from all sources that
change in temperature and humidity including windows,
baseboards, radiators, vents, AC units, fireplaces, and outside
If you're remodeling or repairing your home, don't risk damage to
your piano.  Allegro Piano Movers can professionally move your
piano, then store your upright, organ  or grand piano in our
climate-controlled piano storage .
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